Welcome to our exceptional facilities designed to cater to your needs and enhance your experience. At OM-TECH, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch facilities that are tailored to meet the diverse requirements of our valued customers. Discover the outstanding features and advantages of our facilities below:

Raw Material Inspection:

At OM-TECH we practise 3rd party testing of our received material, in which we include Chemical Testing, Mechanical Testing, UT, MPI and other service as per customer requirement with NABL Accredited.

Cutting Facility

We are equipped with fully automatic band saw cutting machine with cutting dia. up to 250mm and length up to 4 meter. Various other profiles like pipe, plates are also capable of cutting on this machine.

CNC Machines

We are having highly advance and precise turning centres of ACE MICROMATIC with accuracy up to 0.006 mm and repeatability of 0.003 mm. These machine are capable of

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machining various materials right from MS to hardened materials like Die Steel, EN-31, SS316, Super Duplex etc. In advance we are also having tie up with other vendor for outsourcing if in any required components are not feasible in our manufacturing scope.

Heat Treatment Facility:

We do outsource heat treatment and induction hardening with our approved vendors. All the heat treatment activity in supervised under the skilled operators and verified by the metallurgist with heat treatment reports.

VMC Machines:

We consider these machines as the backbone of our company, the most critical operation let it be drilling, boring, threading, tapping, milling, profiling, contouring, reaming, 3D programming etc. are precisely machined with accuracy of 0.005mm. We consider ourself highly experienced and expertise in this domain.

Conventional Machines

Other than CNC & VMC machines we are having conventional setup like, lathe machines, Centreless Grinding machines, Milling, Drilling, Electric Tapping etc.

Surface treatment

We do provide solution for all types of surface treatment facilities like Zinc Plating, Hard Chrome Plating, Manganese Phosphating, Zinc Phosphating, Nickel Chrome Plating, Anodising, Blackening, Nitriding etc. as per customer requirements.

At OM-TECH, we are dedicated to providing outstanding facilities that surpass your expectations.
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